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Surety Bonds

Guarantee that suppliers can meet financial obligations when contracted performance targets are missed. Many major projects are impossible without them. 

A surety bond is not a typical insurance policy. While Surety backs the performance of the principal and will pay the penalties resulting from non-performance or under-performance, they do seek to reclaim the funds from the principal.  A Surety bond helps make the deal happen

Quote Comparison Request
Has any prior surety company ever paid a claim, cancelled, refused renewal, or denied an application?:
Has the client ever had a pending lawsuit, unsatisfied judgment, or lien?
Has the client or their companies ever declared bankruptcy or become insolvent?
Has the client been the subject of any legal or administrative proceedings resulting in disciplinary action?:
Has the client ever been convicted of a felony?:

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Ms. Qiaobo Lei
Policy holder

Very Professional and responsive Staff, easy to communicate with. They assisted me with great knowledge and patience, I really appreciate.

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Ms. Emily Shang
Policy Holder

Finamerican Insurance Staff is very helpful! We really appreciated their knowledgeable experience and support during purchasing our insurance. They were always patient and ready to solve all our problems. Thank you for your service and we are more than 100% satisfied with Hongjian Li Agency.

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Smiling Woman

Policy Holder

Everyone on the team has demonstrated great professionalism and responsibility. They have meticulous answers and perfect solutions to every question I have. I'm so glad about my choice!

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